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For Delegate

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 Mekkah X for Delegate

"I'm only here to help those in need, the people of Baltimore City" - Mekkah X Mohammed


A Letter From Mekkah 

​Inspired by " A Letter from Mecca" by Malcolm X

In the Name of Allah God, The Most Merciful, The Most Gracious

Dear Brothers and Sisters of District 46,

Peace and Blessings

My name is Mekkah X Mohammed. I'm campaigning for Maryland State Delegate, hoping to represent the residents of District 46 and Baltimore. I chose FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM for my platform because of the current crisis in Baltimore. I believe Faith, Family, and Freedom are the foundations of society, and as a result of detouring from these cornerstones, we find ourselves in the wilderness. Much like the Israelites after being freed from the bondage of Pharaoh in Egypt. Our faith guides our moral values: our families are the glue that holds society together and, most importantly, freedom.

Freedom is the quality or state of being free, equality before the courts, security of private property, freedom of conscience subject to the rights of others, and public-personal liberty. Much like Malcolm X's teachings in the 1960s, African-Americans suffered from political oppression, economic exploitation, and social degradation. Sixty years later, we, the people, continue to suffer from political pressure, financial exploitation, and social degradation. We suffer from old problems. We need an It's already a too-late solution, a by-any- means necessary solution. We begin solving the problem by uniting as a people and a city. Second, we partner with the Baltimore Police Department to police our communities. Third, we guide our youth and seek the wisdom of our elders. Fourth, we inform ourselves of laws that impact our communities. Fifth, focus on the economic turnaround of our residents and businesses. When we prosper, our city prospers. Sixth, we accumulate delipidated property, ultimately rebuilding Baltimore block by block.

Remember when the people, the Americans, could contact their local representatives to address the problems in their communities? When we seek answers from their officials, we have to go online or get ignored. We are a time we, people, and we, the people, need to look to our past and see how our predecessors fought for the people. Then follow suit. District 46, I'm writing to let you know that if I'm elected, you won't have to worry about where to get help when your family, children, and neighborhoods are in need. I will be that person you look to for help. My job is to help District 46 solve problems: the old ones and the new ones. We can and will work together to ensure that District 46 and Baltimore are free from not getting answers. We can no longer afford to beg our elected officials to solve the crisis in our city or get to the root of the dilemma we face every day. Let me fight for you. Let's fight for and work towards effective change. Faith, Family, Freedom!

As-salamu Alaikum,

Mekkah X Mohammed

 Republican Candidate for Delegate, District 46


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Mekkah Mohammed is a rising star in the Maryland Republican Party. As a member of the Baltimore City Republican Central Committee, Mekkah has worked on various legislative issues- both local and statewide. During the 2020 Presidential election, Mekkah ran as a Republican for the Baltimore City Council. After losing the primary, Mekkah joined the campaign of the Republican candidates throughout Baltimore, working tirelessly to elevate the status of the Republicans in a traditionally democratic city like Baltimore. She has also inspired youth and adults throughout Baltimore to take a look a conservatism, the policies, and the philosophy of the Republican Party. She is a proud mother, a lifelong Baltimorean, and a no-nonsense conservative who continues to work tirelessly to advocate for conservative causes.

 Are you tired of Baltimore being  a CITY in CRISIS? Do you want OUR CITY to Prosper? Let's Make Baltimore Great Again!

 Do You Want Freedom From Failed Democratic Policies and Leadership?

Do you want Freedom from over 300 murders a year?

Do you want the Freedom to feel safe?

Do you want the Freedom for your child to receive a quality education?

Do you want freedom from high taxes, inadequate city services, dilapidated properties, mismanagement of taxpayer dollars, inadequate wages , the self-interest elected officials. corruption, non traditional values, mandates, or your parental, civil, and human  rights being trampled upon? 

If you answered yes.......Elect Mekkah X